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Stockbridge Market Celebrates Chinese New Year


One of the market’s mottos is ‘eat, meet, greet or treat’ and you can see why the first time you visit.  There is something for everyone, and little touches like setting up tables and chairs, hot street food,  and very often having buskers play in the area, are provided to enhance the community feel of the market. The delicious produce on offer ranges from meat, fresh fish and game to artisanal French bread, fruit and vegetables, home bakes, jams and chutneys, cheeses ( French, local and Italian), quality alcohols, Scotch eggs, salads, chocolates, oils, sauces and much more. All our traders will be pleased to try to offer Chinese variations on their food/offerings but also pleased to explain the unique Scottishness of some offerings.




Saunders Street, EH3 6TQ

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