Chinese New Year

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Chinese Music Workshop II: Erhu and Pipa

The history, development and some special techniques of Erhu and Pipa will be introduced in this workshop. The audience will enjoy one piece of Erhu music “Sanmenxia Rhapsody” and two classic and interesting Pipa pieces…

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Chinese Music Workshop I: Chinese Zither

The evolution and development of Chinese Zither, major schools and fingering skills will be briefly introduced in this workshop. Following the introduction, the performance repertoire is “Beating the Tiger Up the Mountain”, adapted from the…

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Chinese New Year Online Taster Class

Are you interested in what Chinese people usually do when they celebrate the Spring Festival? We would like to invite you to explore the main activities during the Spring Festival season. January 26th 13:00-13:45 Register…

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Chinese New Year at St James Quarter Edinburgh

St James Quarter, St James Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 3AD

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit this Saturday, 21st January. Enjoy exciting, traditional Lion Dance performances in the Quarter and Chinese calligraphy workshops in John Lewis. Plus, we’ll be gifting lucky red envelopes to a…

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Edinburgh Official Chinese New Year Concert

Usher Hall, Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2EA

On the prestigious stage of Usher Hall, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra will be playing alongside a host of special guests, heralding the most important festival in the Chinese calendar with a groundbreaking collaboration of…

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle, Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG

Come to enjoy rabbit-themed cookies and cupcakes in our café and tearooms on Sunday 22 and Monday 23 January to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! You will also find a designated red area in…

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HelloArt Paper-Cutting & Red Pocket Making Workshop

Levels Cafe & Lounge, 9C Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh, EH8 8FQ

In this workshop, participants will learn basic skills through folding and cutting the paper and creating beautiful patterns. Our artist will also guide you step by step to create a beautiful lantern by using red…

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Lunar New Year Chinese Calligraphy Class

Have you always wanted to try Chinese Calligraphy but just don’t know where and how to start? Do you want to create your own Chinese Calligraphy artwork but can barely read Chinese? Are you a…

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